ECHO DESIGN: An Overflowing Bag

(Echo Design tote, Rugby Ralph Lauren sweater, Paige Denim leather leggings, Dr. Marten shoes)

I’m totally one of those girls that carries a handbag AND a tote around the city. It’s only because I have far too much stuff to lug around in one day. Recently, I’ve finally put my life into one thing, this bright yellow Echo Design bag. The neon hue brings just the right amount of cheer to the nasty rainy days. Stashed inside is my film camera, about 3 different lipstick shades (though I always end up wearing red), and of course, I never leave the house without my Metrocard. How else do I get around the city in record time? This neon baby carries a hell of a lot more, but to me, the lighter the better.

Echo Design is also giving away one of these handbags on Facebook, so enter now! 

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  1. le rockandrouge says:

    It´s an amazing yellow bright bag, I guess I had one! I´m used to walk across barcelona streets with xxl tote bags bigger than me because I also wear a lot of things , all your stuff plus a pair of notebooks, and other things.
    I have same Lomographic camera but in the original colour, I´m loving mint green colour of yours!



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