To See Stars

(Romwe blouse, Citizens of Humanity floral shorts, Liebeskind Berlin bag, A.P.C coat, Dolce Vita “Imogen” loafers)

I can’t even begin to describe how beautiful the city has become in just the last two days. Everything is blooming, the sun is out, and I couldn’t be happier. I ended a busy day out and about by the east river, at one of the most beautiful parks I’ve ever seen (next to Central Park of course!) This local park, a short walk from my apartment, seemed so magical at that particular moment. My good friend Bonnie was the one who called me and said “I have to, have to take you to this’s unreal!” We had a quick bite of pizza, and snapped these shots just as we were losing light. Those late evening shots are sometimes my favorite. Everything about New York is just so dreamy during Spring. Just another reason I went with a starry blouse and some pretty pastel floral cut-offs. The blouse/high-waisted shorts combo will forever be one of my favorite looks! The playful prints that have been taking over my wardrobe really brighten everything else up. New York, I love you.

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113 Responses to To See Stars

  1. leyla. says:

    stars and floral… never would’ve thought to combine those two, but it works. i’ve seen a lot of print mixing recently and i like it. it’s never boring.


  2. A says:

    to be honest, i dislike people mixing prints. i would be the first to say that mixing prints is quite argh, especially since people seem to enjoy mixing about 5000 of them in a single outfit.

    however, that being said, you mix prints beautifully!
    i love your star printed shirt and those floral shorts are too cute! i really like the way you contrasted the darkness and the light, putting together another amazing outfit.

    could you please just dress me everyday??
    i would really appreciate that! heehee 😀


    p.s. that 5th picture of you is too cute!

  3. l.h.d.m. says:

    blouse+hight waisted shorts are also one of my favourite looks, and you styled it amazingly mixing prints!!! and the light, just perfect, i can almost feel i’m in this park, sitting on a bench! thank you for sharing 🙂
    btw, your blog is lovely!!!


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