Woven Soles

(True Religion leather jacket, Bar III blazer, Mango blouse, Forever 21 scarf, Seventh of Bishop trousers, Rebecca Minkoff bag, UGG Collection shoes)

HAPPY MONDAY! I’m still in weekend mode…but it’s so beautiful out, I’m kind of excited to start the day. On my to-do list? A bunch of castings (ehhh #modellife), events, and of course giving you the inside scoop on some of my favorite new pieces. Right now, I’m a bit obsessed with the new UGG Collection shoes. During NYFW, I teamed up with Modellounge and UGG Australia to cover fashion week, hitting up Lincoln Center in these killer woven heels. They’re probably the most luxurious shoes I own! The woven leather is just so beautiful and I love the sleek wooden heel, which is made of the same wood they use on guitars. I dressed down these beauties with a really simple look that I could easily wear everyday…a leather moto jacket, loose trousers, and giant scarf. Sun’s out today, but it’s totally deceiving. I know I’m going to have to bundle up like mad!

See the rest of my feature with UGG Australia HERE! Take me back to NYFW pleeeease!

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135 Responses to Woven Soles

  1. Julie Khuu says:

    Wow Nat, now there’s a pair of Uggs that you can take to the streets! Love how they’ve really switched gears and used their notoriety to develop some street style staples! That woven texture is a dream…totally amps up this look! You always rock the chicest kicks! Fabulous!

    Peace. Love. LOL!

    Haute Khuuture.com

  2. zoobia says:

    Hi Natalie!
    Thanks for your lovely comment on The Zero Winter. I’ve visited your blog many times, so I was surprised to hear from a well-established blogger like you!

  3. A says:

    your outfit is definitely the perfect combination for lazy sundays 🙂
    i love the gray, green, cream, and leather color combination! (even though leather isn’t really a color…)

    i hope you don’t mind me asking but is that leather jacket comfy? i’ve been looking for the perfect one and the one you have on looks pretty good!!


    p.s. just noticed i didn’t mention those shoes. ummm can you say FANTASTIC?? can’t believe they’re made out of the same wood as guitars!

  4. C A T H says:

    aww Nat >< those are a great pair of woven details there !! can’t believe it’s from UGG =0 You certainly started the week with great styling 🙂

    wish you a lovely week too. and don’t forget to wear lots of warm layers !!

    Style Hostess


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