A New Start

(Joie cardigan, Stylestalker tee, 5 preview leather skirt, Liebeskind Berlin bag, Wanted shoes, Alimonada spike necklace)

I am slowly moving into my new apartment and things have been a little crazy! It’s not fully furnished yet at all…I have my bed all set, but I’ve still got piles and piles of clothes lying around the apartment. It really looks like a hurricane blew right through it! The back room of my apartment is still a total mess and has become just one huge pile of lost treasures. It makes for an excellent way to get dressed every morning…simply plucking something from the pile and throwing it on before heading out the door. I just remembered I had these two killer pieces: a knitted Joie cardigan and 5 Preview leather skirt. The cardigan is something I’d find my grandma in, while the pleated leather skirt reminds me of the little grade school me. Together, I think they make the perfect ensemble. I’m pretty happy to be moving, playing around with older pieces in my wardrobe, and eventually cleaning the whole darn thing out. It’s kind of a fresh new start. Let’s see what else I come across in this madness!

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  1. Paulien says:

    Waw Natalie, you really look amazing here. To me this look comes very close to THE perfect outfit! Everything is just right: the pleated skirt, the cardigan and oh my- the creepers!

    Cant’ wait to see your new apartment by the way, will you show us the pictures as soon it’s ready? 🙂

  2. Run With Fashion says:

    Soo cuuute!!
    I loove the pleated skirt, the cardi the bag and LOOOOOOOVE YOUR AWESOME CREEPERS!!
    I also love your simple necklace. 😀

    -Eliza 🙂


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