The Boyfriend

(Wearing all Rugby by Ralph Lauren, Dolce Vita boots, Vintage Ray-Bans)

I have many more Europe stories to share, but all I have on my mind is New York Fashion Week! I’m back! You’ll see me parading around town in a giant pair of boyfriend jeans. They’re pretty cool. I mean, they do tend to want to fall off without a belt, but I’m loving the slouchy fit. I picked them up over at the RUGBY store on University and got them in 2 sizes up so I’m practically swimming in them. Dammit, I’m jealous of you boys. You have it easy! Layering stripes, a trench, and little beanie, I couldn’t have felt more relaxed. To play it up a bit, I added my signature red lips. PUCKER UP.

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  1. amberly says:

    Okay, totally trying a white collared shirt under a striped shirt now!! And I love my boyfriend jeans…mine are a little ‘holy’ but I want to rock them anyway. Its so comfy chic, girl! Love it, and thank you for the inspiration! Have fun in NYFW and can’t wait to hear about it, and more about Europe! You’re a busy bee!! <33


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