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Exploring a new city always starts with the food. The ECCO team and I made our first stop at The Royal Cafe where they served us something delightfully called “smushi.” Dining where Oprah and the Princess go in Copenhagen was pretty rad. They took the typical fish and chicken dishes of the Dutch and mixed it with Japanese culture with little “smushi’s” served on tiny plates. It was creatively delicious and a wonderful way to kick off our stay in Copenhagen. These little guys were surprisingly filling! Dreams of smushi are coming back to me…
Of course, a lot of walking was also involved and I wore my comfy ECCO heels for the majority of our stay. I’m such a comfort baby when it comes to traveling. I hate dragging myself back to my hotel room only to tear off my shoes and fall face first into my bed. These babies saved my life! Paired with liquid leather pants and a studded button-down I was feeling quite European chic. Getting in the groove, my group and I searched the city streets for the best cafes and shopping spots. The beautifully painted buildings in the city also made the backdrop to my photos just too dreamy. I couldn’t stop snapping away! Already, I miss the large groups of peddling bicyclists and drops of snow. At least I have numerous images from my stay that bring me back instantaneously.

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  1. garde says:

    the second pic is very beautiful, very beautiful place. and i want to say, love the booties….
    i always see first your shoes, you have great shoes always!!!


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