Breezing By

(Of Two Minds dress, Mango leather jacket, Marie Turnor bag, ECCO shoes)

Amsterdam may be one of the most romantic cities I’ve ever visited. The endless canals, beautiful people on bikes, and tiny cafes make the place all the more dreamy. I rushed out of the hotel to overlook the canals in a flowing snakeskin dress. Pretty daring, considering it was very cold, but I thought, why the hell not! I wanted to be a little bit dressy for our evening out for dinner. Also, I wore my extra comfy ECCO heels. This classic pair will always be one of my travel essentials. Never do my feet get tired in these. They’re chic and still perfect for the “on your feet constantly” European lifestyle. Take me back to Amsterdam…

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108 Responses to Breezing By

  1. Julie Khuu says:

    I am seriously going gaga over your entire trip! This photo diary makes me want to shoot Amsterdam straight up to my European hitlist! Amazing street style seen everywhere! And your totally tops it off Nat! That dress is a breezy beauty!

    Peace. Love. LOL!


  2. C A T H says:

    lovely setting. I really like the first picture, great pose! looks so natural and carefree~ like a snappish candid on a wonderful day <3
    your dress is amazing by the way. lovin’ the colours, the ruffled looks about it, and oh of course, nice pairing with those ECCO shoes. looks like you had a great time in the ECCO tannery a few days back

    Style Hostess


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