(Nicole Miller Artelier blouse, Big Star (find them here!) faux leather jeans, Marie Turnor bag, Forever 21 scarf, Vintage black coat, Kork-Ease boots)

EEE! A finger-numbing, cold afternoon this was! But I took off my wool coat just for you. How could I not when I’ve got this rad Nicole Miller Artelier blouse on? Check.MATE. I’m obsessed with this sketched print along with the hot pop of blue from the back. Straight off the Spring ’12 runway, it can’t get any cooler. And I’m a huge fan of these faux leather jeans. They’re by Big Star, whom I’ve shot their latest denim campaign for! It’s a bit weird, but I’ve been wearing these everyday this week, as are all of my friends (I need to get a photo of everyone wearing them at once). I think both Claire and I were wearing them this day as we strolled through Chinatown. They really are a huge hit here in the city. Everywhere I go, it’s liquid legs GALORE. I’m packing these guys. You’ll see my stomping the streets of Europe with them next week…look out.

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