Coach Guest Blogger Feature

(see details to this whole look here)

(see details to this whole look here)

(Sosie blouse, Kasil pants, Mango shoes, Coach bag)

During fashion week, I was a handbag fanatic. Nearly every day I toted around something new, depending on my mood! Talk about crazy, but I honestly had the best time getting dressed for daily events and meetings! Here I am featured on showing three of my looks during fashion week, all documented into a short little diary!

Many thanks to Coach for the super sweet words! To shop all my Coach handbag picks from fashion week, visit my feature HERE!

89 Responses to Coach Guest Blogger Feature

  1. Naina says:

    I LOVE the outfit in the first shot, the colors just super suit you … and the back in the second outfit is phenomenal. What great style you have, and congratulations on this guest blogging!

  2. sanam arzoo says:

    Coach luggage may be pretty stunning and purposeful. I even have one and use it plenty and it holds up handbags i really like the colors and neutrals go along with everything. it absolutely was given to ME as a present cuss I might ne’er afford to urge one ! Jerrome at AOL dot com


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