Alex & Eli Design Project: The “Natalie” Blazer

I immediately hit it off with the two amazing designers of Alex & Eli, a NYC based label I’m completely in love with. Not only are the two designers Anna Zeman and Aja Singer complete sweethearts, but they make the most AMAZING suiting for women. They have perfected everything from blouses to blazers and trousers. I swooned seeing their pieces. As most of you know, I’m all for classic cuts and colors, and so when they wanted to collaborate with me on designing a one of a kind “Natalie” blazer, I of course said “yes!” So here we are, in the middle of our very first meeting, discussing cuts, colors, and fabrics down in SoHo. We decided on a lace detail with contrast lining, but just today, we made a few last minute tweeks, and I am SO EXCITED for you to see the results. What is going to be totally surreal? Getting to see girls in NYC walking around in the “Natalie” blazer. I think I might die when that happens! For now, check out the Alex & Eli Tailor Shop, which is a new addition to their store, allowing you to also create your own perfect blazer by giving you the option to choose lining, buttons, and styles. Heading to the offices today to get working with the tailor and toy with it as it is still in production! woot woot!

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58 Responses to Alex & Eli Design Project: The “Natalie” Blazer

  1. T says:

    I’m looking very much forward to see the result 🙂
    the pictures are amazing and I’m sure there will be lots od girls wearing your blazer in town 😉

  2. Emily Ulrich says:

    Wow, congratulations! You really have come so far and you are all-deserving of every success you land! Checked out the Alex & Eli website – great product! A lot of architecture in their designs.


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