The Sleeveless Button Down

(We Are Rubbish blouse, Wanderlust + Co necklace, By Corpus shorts, Coach handbag)

I think nude might be my favorite shade to wear, especially with a dark red lip, which I happen to sport very often now! With the heat, a red lip has come down to being one of my main accessories. Here I’m wearing a very basic nude on nude look during my stay in Philly. Because I am addicted to button downs, I’ve been looking high and low for a sleeveless one that works well in this unbearably icky heat, and luckily found the perfect one! The asymmetrical hem billows beautifully to one side and looks great with just a very simple cotton short. Unfortunately, I was in a total time crunch and ran out the door realizing later that I didn’t get a chance to iron it. Oh well, it’s erm…grungy? Enough about my non existent relationship with an ironing board, here’s what I’ve been carrying around every day of my busy schedule here in the city! This huge but totally amazing leather Coach bag. Straight out of the new “Chelsea” collection, I’m hooked. This baby looks good with everything and gahhh the inner compartments kind of saved my life. Never do I ever have to hold everyone up at the subway station searching for my MetroCard or remain outside my building looking for my house keys. IT’S THE BEE’S KNEES.

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  1. DesFruitsRouges says:

    I LOVE this outfit. It is so gorgeous. I am staying in the city and I know exactly what you mean about the keys and the MetroCard… seriously annoying to have to dig through your bag for. Your blog is great and you are just beautiful.

  2. Chelsea Lane says:

    NAAAATT! thank you thank you for the sweetest comment ever. um as a supermodel pretty sure I want your legs! I am also obsessed with button downs, this sleeveless one has such a fun hem 🙂 love love love!

    xoxo waaaah wanna visit NYC!

  3. Paula says:

    You look stunning as always… tell me dear Natalie, where do you find all that cute&nice&cool clothes?!! Here in my country there aren’t that kind of creative stuff. Well, maybe it is, but I imagine that those kind of pieces should cost a lot.
    And I adore your blog 🙂 I have been following you since a lot (I discover your blog from your sister’s) but just today I realized I was not actually following you on blogger, haha 😀 I never realized that before cause I always look at your blog anyway. Well, I am officialy following righ now 😀 haha
    And well, I’ll stop writting cause I think it’s too much for one post (you have to rad a lot of posts! haha)

    Kisses lovely!
    Paula :*

    ps. Maybe this is a very ignorant question… do you speak spanish? (I ask this for you lastname)


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