A Yummy Independence Day Weekend

Laguna Beach with my gorgeous girl Raych!

PHO RUN w/ my bestie Kelli!

I’m beyond happy that I got to spend my 4th of July weekend here in California. I munched on yummy yummy treats all weekend. Well, I have to start off with introducing you to CAKE POPS. I had never heard of them until my good friend, who is also a model, Emily Blake, began her own business here in LA called Surprise Surprise Bake Shop. She’s so sweet and came by my home to drop off a dozen and OMG they are the best tasting things ever. Super creamy and gaaah, perfect for the 4th of July weekend. Everyone in my house went crazy and grabbed them like hotcakes. On holidays, I totally throw being healthy out the window. Next up on the 4th of July food menu? Tofu mushroom burgers at Taco Loco in Laguna Beach. LA was scorching, with temps in triple digit hell, and so I met up with the beautiful Raych and we took a drive down the coast. It was a perfectly overcast once we hit the beach and there were so many people! It was fun to escape the heat and frolic carelessly in the sand. Lots more pictures from our day in Laguna to come. I think they might be my favorite! Even got to squeeze in an authentic Pho run with my bestie Kelli! Anyways, I’m just so happy I got to spend this past week home with family and friends again. Only because work is beginning to look crazy again and I’m off to NYC again Thursday. For now, I’m enjoying all the west coast fun. and food 🙂

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  1. Susie says:

    I made cake pops once from a recipe on Bakerella (best baking site ever!) They are so delicious, although hers look much, much prettier than mine ever did. I love Laguna Beach, a dear friend of mine used to live there–it’s gorgeous.

  2. miss annie says:

    I´ll just always love your blog! looks like you had a really really amazing weekend! California is the state I want to travel to first when I finally am for the first time in the USA 😉


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