Rustic Getaway

I am in love with this editorial from Vogue Paris April ’11! It inspires me to go on some crazy retreat in the middle of nowhere with nothing but grungy layers in off whites and rust colored shades. A head of salty ombre hair and a tan little butt isn’t bad either! This editorial is too perfect. Rarely do I stumble upon one I really love.

It’s got me thinking: I need a vacation! I hope everyone’s Easter weekend is going great so far. Today is my final day to knock out the last 3 short videos for Volcom (yes, working on a Saturday waa) then I really want to take a drive to through the desert tomorrow. We’re thinking VEGAS. Can’t wait for my own little getaway!

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77 Responses to Rustic Getaway

  1. Camille says:

    the editorial is indeed wonderful and stands out because it effectively manages to tell a story – a very windswept, dreamy, worldly one. thank you for sharing, i hadn’t seen this and i have also fallen for the gorgeous imagery here…

  2. char says:

    I have this issue! When I came across it, I loved it instantly! and i’m the same as well, i rarely come across an editorial that I love a lot.

  3. Liana says:

    amazing editorial..of course, anything with gisele is bound to be amazing! i too wish i could take a road trip through the desert, somewhat thelma and louise style, minus half the drama (but not brad pitt!)…hope you get your chance soon 🙂

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