MANGO Event in Santa Monica! Friday, April 8th: 5-8pm!

Meet me Friday, April 8th at the MANGO store in Santa Monica, CA on 3rd Street Promenade from 5pm-8pm!

I am hosting this event, put together by MANGO and Marie Claire! I’m beyond excited! The event is open to the public, so please bring your friends and family!

I will also be singing at the beginning of the event! It is going to be really fun. Music, Drinks, and Shopping. Everything in the store is 30% the entire day! I will also be giving away a $500 gift card to the best dressed person to attend, so feel free to show off your own personal style! Can’t wait to take that special person shopping!

As seen in the new Marie Clarie magazine April ’11 issue:

I cannot wait to meet all my LA readers and fellow bloggers. See you there!!

Don’t forget to RSVP at!

116 Responses to MANGO Event in Santa Monica! Friday, April 8th: 5-8pm!

  1. Nanangel says:

    thx for your visit in my blog 🙂 🙂 its a real pleasure….

    I love your blog, you have a nice photos, especial the bcn photo i love Barcelona

  2. pancakeSTACKER says:

    So excited!!! I am driving down from SF that weekend to visit all of my UCLA friends and this is perfect timing! I can’t wait to meet you and your sister! I love Santa Monica. Have you guys ever had Roll House Sushi?? It’s my favorite, and I’ll definitely be stopping by there for some tasty noms before saying hello at your event! 🙂


  3. Kathleen Murillo says:

    this is really just SO exciting Natalie! i seriously wish i could transport myself to Santa Monica right now! blaah :(, but i hope you have an amazing time and i know you’re def gonna rock it with your aamazing voice ;). hope you’re having a great weekend girl! 🙂

    <3, Kathleen.

  4. Valencia Lia says:

    It’s going to be such an awesome event and really wished I would have been there!!! Gosh, I wanna hear you sing Natalie 🙂

    Yesss, I’ve been great! Just got into a new job and lovin’ it 🙂 Do come by Singapore soon again heehee

  5. LOIS says:

    The event in Berlin was so much fun! Had a great time and it was lovely meeting Andy from Stylescrapbook. You really dont wanna miss the Mango event with Natalie 😉
    I’d go again if I could, but I’m living on the other side of the Planet x)
    Love Lois xxx


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