Olsenboye Spring ’11 Campaign VIDEO!

With the creative director of the shoot, Steven Baillie!

Going nutso on set!

Fun with hair and makeup!

I love Caylee of If You Seek Style!

Aww, crew loves one another 🙂

In Venice Beach!


I am extremely excited to be the face for the Olsenboye Spring ’11 campaign video! Olsenboye, Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen’s exclusive line for JC Penney, has launched their spring campaign using bloggers/style icons, and I feel so lucky to be a part of it. For the shoot, I chose two very “me” Olsenboye looks. First I went with a cool everyday look: boyfriend shorts and a bohemian knit top. For a little bit more girly and feminine look, I went with a beautiful little white dress with a leather waist belt. I had the best time shooting here in LA. We also had an amazing creative director behind it, Steven Baillie! The entire crew was so awesome and fun… definitely one of my favorite shoots. Another video launches later next month featuring all of us bloggers for this campaign (Jazi, Caylee, Oliva, and Karla) so stay tuned!

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139 Responses to Olsenboye Spring ’11 Campaign VIDEO!

  1. JT says:

    my skinny minnie!!!!! omg I MISSSSSSSSS YOU SOOO MUCH! You’ve replaced me! =( sob, sob!

    anyway just wanted to say congratulations on all the amazing projects you’ve been doing! Sooo happy/proud of you! This Olsenboye campaign is sooo cute and looked like soo much fun! yay!!

    Cant wait to see you!
    love you daah-ling!


  2. kgal1298 says:

    Woo congrats. Personally I think Olsens have always have done a great job for WalMart…who remembers when they were like 12 and had a line in there. Now it’s all grown up and adorable. I think out of all the Hollywood kids that have grown up I like them the best because they had awesome parents who didn’t take all their money and let the girls do their own thing and grow in shockingly respectable adults. Nice.

  3. marialε says:

    tha campaign looks real fun!
    I enjoy so much the time you spent in Barcelona, I lived there for two years, and I can’t wait to go back.


    ps. thanks for your comment, I was very happy that you had the chance to check my blog! thank you!!!

  4. Mónica says:

    Hola! mi blog es nuevo, te he agregado a mi lista de blogroll porque sigo tu blog amenudo, Si te interesa puedes pasarte por mi blog para ver si te gusta, un besito!!



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