Crisp White

(Queen’s Wardrobe blazer, Vintage top, SOLD Design Lab jeans, BCBG shoes, Banana Republic bag)

I’m really into high necklines…and ones that come with cute little bow ties. Yeah, a dotted tank with a high neckline that is a bit too short and crop at the hem. Guess a peek of pale belly won’t hurt anyone. I slipped on a blinding white blazer and totally ended up feeling very 80’s Michael Jackson. Oh well. It was a perfectly bright sunny day and so whipping out a fresh white/polka dot mixed look seemed only reasonable. It’s just that in white, you’ve got to avoid being utterly gross. Like you can’t spew coffee out of your mouth due to uncontrollable laughter. Or wipe your nose on your sleeve. Not that I’ve done that before…

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  1. Absolutely Mrs. K says:

    what a fabulous spring look. The delicate blouse looks adorable with the dots and the ruffles, but the fabric is doing the trick, so elusive. The white blazer makes it a little bit more chique. How do you manage to find the most perfect jeans, it is so hard to find one that fits perfectly. The boots look perfect because they are really elegant. The details on the bag are fabulous, it is not too big or small, it is just perfect. I really like this sophisticated look

  2. BlackLOG says:

    It’s just that in white, you’ve got to avoid being utterly gross.
    Not just gross you have to actively avoid living in order to keep white looking good….

    Mrs B always wants to buy white snow gear. I spend my life constantly talking her out of it….luckily a friend of ours got white salopettes last year. On the first morning she sat on something and spent the rest of the holiday looking like she was totally scared of skiing…

  3. herwaisechoice says:

    I LOVE the navy and white polka dot top with the crisp white colour of your blazer and rich brown of your handbag. What a gorgeous palette! And the bag is BR, seriously?! It looks really expensive!

    Have a lovely day!

  4. Closet Hound says:

    I love your white blazer. It’s amazing! And I totally agree – wearing white is a struggle. You’re afraid of getting it dirty, brushing it against dusty surfaces, eating, etc. SO stressful

    xo Sherrie

  5. laxmi says:


    Thank you for visiting my blog. I love love your blog already and I just started looking at your recent blog post. Btw, I have been eyeing for a perfect fitted white blazer too. I love how you have paired yours.


  6. TimbarikaDoll says:

    Gorgeous outfit, love how it comes together. Love the white jacket & yes, one must not do anything gross in a colour like that 😉 Thanks for your comment on my blog, come by anytime..great blog you have! xx


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