On a Clear Day

(SOLD Design Lab jeans, Vintage blouse and scarf, Forever 21 blazer, 80%20 boots)

So my family and I really wanted to see a little snow before the end of our holiday break. We took a drive up past Frazier Park. I found it desolate, cold, but so peaceful. It was hard to take photos when your fingers are practically going numb. We didn’t find too much snow, only dried up leftovers from the previous storm. There was a bit of sun that day so we got a nice glow as a backdrop. Sometimes it’s necessary to get away from civilization for a good 3 hours.

I haven’t really been thinking about what to wear these past few days. Basically, throwing on any blouse with a pair of skinnies and a chunky scarf. Parka always comes in handy for cold nights out so I have it shoved in the backseat of my car. And you won’t believe it, but it is SNOWING outside my window right now. I see a soft white blanket covering the rooftops and it is so darn pretty! I hear my parents begging me to come downstairs and take photos in the snow, but I’m glued to my desk chair at the moment and my feet are frozen. It’s a magical way to kick off 2011! Come next week, and I’m back to work. This holiday break was short, but long. and surprisingly fun. Hope yours was too!

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  1. alannah. says:

    i love the colour of your scarf, tell me what is your trick to scarving? because you always seem to wrap them the right way & get this extraordinary amount of thickness happening.. do you just buy really thick scarves or..?
    & i love where you are shooting these, the location looks gorgeous!
    you always spend so much time with your family its lovely!
    oh & youve perfected the model poses so so well.x


  2. Kathleen Carla. says:

    looks like you had such a fun winter break so far! 🙂 def am loving the photos such a pretty place and gorgeous outfit, def loving th layering with the blazer and scarf. always chic Natalie! 🙂

    <3, Kathleen.

  3. carolyn says:

    I know, winter break seems like it’s over so soon for me 🙁 it was amazing while it lasted, though! Frazier Park looks lovely. love your scarf!! I need more big comfy things 🙂 onto my next knitting project!!

  4. fashionslap.net says:

    Cute. Love that blue scarf. As for the snow I understand I went to Michigan to see family. It was much like how your photo looks light snow. I was actually hoping for more snow, but hopefully I get out and go skiing this year. We will see.

  5. Laura @ The World Looks Red says:

    I think your outfit looks lovely anyway! I especially love your shoes. So funny to hear that you’re happy with snow, I’d gladly send some your way cause after 1,5 month of snow I’m getting pretty tired of it. I do agree that it looks beautiful, it’s like living in a christmas-card.

  6. Armario Low Cost says:

    Hola guapa!!! antes de nada desearte feliz año nuevo a ti tambien, el video nos ha encantado!!! sales preciosa como siempre!!!
    En las fotos de este post nos encanta la camisa de rayas, te faborece mucho.
    Un beso y que este año te vaya como minimo igual de bien que el anterior!

  7. Angel In This Dress says:

    LOVE your blog! I just discovered it today and when I was reading through it, I thought “wow, she looks familiar”. Then I saw your Las Vegas post and realised why – that I already follow your sister… well I assume she’s your sister as you both look very similar! but either way you’re related, yes? I love the pair of you – I always look forward to reading your blogs when a new post pops up on my reading list. A now following you and looking forward to reading more from you x x


  8. Lyana says:

    Love your outfit, especially the blouse! And I agree, taking pictures in the freezing cold is not pleasant at all, but at least you managed to capture some beautiful photos 🙂

  9. Clochette says:

    Thank you for your message is very nice of you!
    As I am French I am sorry for the mistakes lol

    Your blog is wonderful, I love your whole universe, I subscribe =)
    I’ll put other comments when I have finished my exams!

    Kisses Clochette

  10. Big Daddy says:

    Ah your so sweet! I hope i get inspired soon too! Its 2011, and there is no time to waste!
    Its weird bc i was jsut thinking about your blog earlier today, and how i missed looking at it all the time-it was on my list to do today. Then you commented me first- great minds think alike!
    Hope your new years was great!

  11. Taimi says:

    Showing your belly button when there’s snow in the ground!!! You’re crazy!!! %-)


    (I’m just used of putting the address up there, but I don’t think you’ll get much out of it, it’s in Finnish ;-))


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