Me photographed and filmed by Sharon Gong

fever from Sharon Gong on Vimeo.

(Photography and Video by Sharon Gong)

Sharon Gong and I have been planning to shoot together for months and we finally got to meet up last Sunday for a little photo/video shoot! I’m so happy I got to meet this lovely lady in person. I’ve been such a fan of her all her work even since stumbling upon her blog a year ago. I was shocked at how humble and smart this young lady is for her age. She is only 16 and has such a fresh take on photography and art. I love how her work is so mysterious, haunting, but most of all, just completely beautiful and magical. It tells a story. We had the best time shooting up high on the side of a mountain in between the trees and the brush. Surrounded by nature with gorgeous views of all of Los Angeles. I’m so pleased with the result and am so happy I got to work with this talented ingenue! I can only see bright things coming for this great girl! See all of Sharon Gong’s artwork and photography here!

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178 Responses to Me photographed and filmed by Sharon Gong

  1. kelsea says:

    i’ve been following sharon on flickr for a bit and when i saw you pop up in her stream i was so suprised!
    i absolutely love the colors and styling in this. the overall theme suits you very well.

  2. Kathleen Carla. says:

    you’re so right, haunting but beautiful. i love all the photos so much, her photography is amazing. my fav is the second to last one with the sunlight coming through the background. Beautiful as always! 🙂

    <3, Kathleen.

  3. alannah. says:

    wow you look stunning in these images, & she is one heck of a talented photographer, she gets the lighting just right every single time.
    these are the types of photos i would love to have spread across all my walls!

  4. Inna Santiago says:

    Wow very beautiful photos! I like the ones when you wore a sheer top and denim shorts! 🙂 And she’s a very talented young lady! I’ll be checking her blog out! Thank you!


  5. Aney says:

    Wow, I can’t get over how beautiful you look and how well the video was made. Sharon did a very good and for being only 16 years of age, that’s mind blowing!

    I love the pieces that you’re wearing, especially that sheer blouse! You’re such a gorgeous model natalie, with a great sense of style!

  6. Eliana Masgalos says:

    Hi dear!!!
    Love your blog… following on bloglovin 🙂

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  7. Ashley Rae says:


    These pictures really are haunting and mysterious. I love them! I feel like I’m looking at a scene from Twilight or a scary movie. (But in a good way, of course.) And it blows my mind that she’s only 16. That girl is going places.

    Thank you so much for your comment on my lil ol’ blog. I appreciate the support! And I love your Chinatown pics from 3 or 4 posts ago. I think I can see where my mom’s jeweler is from one of your pics! Did you happen to stop by Queen’s bakery? They have the most amazing fruit tarts and fruit cakes. Mmmm.
    I hope you visit my blog again sometime and I will definitely do the same and follow you!



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