Violet Shades

(Bebe cashmere sweater, Free People bralette, Vintage skirt and bag, Forever 21 accessories, Bally shoes)

Currently inspired by all things bohemian. Florals. Velvets. Chunky jewelry. I grabbed a few dark violet shades and threw it all on. The best thing about fall is that you can just pile on up and layer, layer, layer. As you can see, I’m still obsessed with throwing on a bralette over basics. Makes things a lot more fun! I put all of this crazy stuff together with a simple and basic black cashmere sweater by Bebe! It was a gift and has become one of my favorite classic sweaters for fall. While shooting the Bebe video with Dylana, I came across some really cute basics that work perfectly with everything in my wardrobe. I was asked to style this sweater for their fun Facebook contest will be starting this week!

Also, many thanks to everyone that commented/tweeted to enter my giveaway: a $100 gift card to online superduperchiceverythingscool 80’s Purple! The winner is the lovely and oh so stylish: Ilanka of Fashionnerdic! Congratulations!! Have fun shopping girl!

I hope everyone had a really relaxing weekend. Weather was beautiful here in Cali so I took a long bike ride. Haven’t done a big workout in a while so my body hurt quite a lot afterward. OUCH! Caught up on reading… and studying (boo!) as well. But I’m looking forward to the rest of this week. I am shooting for some of my favorite brands, including Volcom! ! Woohoo! I’m definitely going to try to find time in between to do a few blog posts here and there. I don’t know why everyone’s constantly like “I WANT IT TO BE THE WEEKEND ALREADY!” umm, it’s only Monday. Take it easy. I love the hustle n bustle of weekdays.

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103 Responses to Violet Shades

  1. liana says:

    uuuh i can never get over how awesome your hair looks. always perfect!

    p.s. how do you stay in shape? i’ve been approached for some modeling but i need to lose some weight first…not sure how to go about it really.

  2. Ashley says:

    I absolutely adore your skirt (and that fun motion shot, haha)! I wouldn’t have thought to wear a bralette like that, but it totally works on you. Very well done!!

    Thanks for your comment on my blog! <3


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