Cut Out

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I’ve been living in this Storets cut-out dress on and off for the past week! It’s just so easy to wear and I love the sheer back and zipper detail. Just one of those go-to pieces you always feel comfortable in. Plus, it’s got major side pockets to throw in the crackberry lol.

So this past week was so much fun! I finished up shooting for Joe’s Jeans. Besides shooting web product, we also did a whole editorial type shoot for the Holiday 2010 collection and I cannot wait till it’s out. From what I’ve seen, the images look great! And I got to wear their new jegging skinny jeans which are insane… I WANT.

Between shooting, I also got to go to the Warner Bros Studios event for the LA Screenings. It was the craziest event I’ve ever been to. I’m guessing a lot, a lot of money went into it. It was pretty much an entire circus in the Stars Hallow (Gilmore Girls) set. You could go into any little studio around the set, and there would either be food, candy, or really loud music. I had the best time with one of my good model friends, Kristen! We also met up with Kelly Cutrone. I swear she is a lot cooler than how she appears on TV. Overall, I had an awesome week and look forward to just relaxing this Memorial Day weekend. Have a great holiday weekend everyone! 🙂

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100 Responses to Cut Out

  1. Emm says:

    i love everything you wear nat!
    And i adore the shot from the WB circus, they look really oldschool and i love your hair =) One day i will suck it up and get bangs

    I might be coming to LA next year! eeeeek


  2. Meggstatus says:

    I always wanted to live in that town… I can’t believe the event took place there. Although I’m sure if I actually went to the set all of the allure of living there would drift away.

    You look amazing as always.

  3. LouBoo says:

    Hi Natalie – thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting! I hopped over to see yours and figured I would stay a while. On this post – I love the shot of you from the back…you lucky lucky girl to have hair that ‘does’ that! Louise x

  4. Sheray-Amy says:

    You look amazing. Love the dress, thanks for stopping by my blog too.
    I think I’m going to follow you, follow me too if you like.
    ♥ Sheray.

  5. Lies says:

    What an amazing dress! So jealous! It really looks like something you can just throw on everyday and feel comfortable ^^ I used to be such a Gilmore Girls-fan back in the day :’) Strange that they keep that set up!xx

  6. Sophie-Nicole. says:

    that dress is beautiful, i love peices that you feel you can keep thowing on and always look timeless. looks lovely on you. looks like you had an amazing time! cant believe you met kelly cutrone, she seems so awesome and someone you can learn alot from. your blog is amazing, love it!

  7. Zoe_Flood says:

    thats so cool that you got to meet kelley, I’m sure she is really cool, I have read numerous amounts of her interviews and I really like her attitude, I’ve always liked her also in the city, she just always kept it real.

    and I love that dress! I know what you mean by “living in ” haha I will be so attached to one garment for about a week, until my boyfriend forces me to wear something else >.<

    I like you with wavy/curly hair btw :]

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