Rained In

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Blazer: Express, Tank: Nellie Partow, Trousers: Bebe, Jewelry: Vintage, Round Ring: Elena Cruz

So I was rained in today, and freezing! I did go out for a while to run some errands around town and stuff. Here I am inside my house, barefoot lol! I was given this top from Nellie Partow, amazing new designer from New York. It’s a simple silk racerback tank, but the ruffles in the front make it unique and very ballerina-like. The color sort of reminds me of Chloe, so I had to wear trousers and a blazer, you know, because I was so Chloe inspired! I feel so put together for once haha! But I did wear this with my beat up combat boots when I went out in the rain, total opposite to the rest of my look, but it worked.

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I just bought these Alexander Wang shoes online and I cannot wait till they arrive! I was about to get the booties, but realized I don’t have anything much like this style with the ankle straps. Perfect to wear with tights for winter, and bare during spring and summer!

And how awesome are the new Alex Wang sunnies?? I loveee the cat eye, my fave sunglasses shape. Can’t wait to try a pair on! Also, two of my favorite looks from his Pre-Fall 2010 collection! His stuff is looking soo soo good! 🙂

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Enjoy your week!
xoxo, Natalie

103 Responses to Rained In

  1. Valencia Lia says:

    Girl,you’re always so amazing at posing!! Wooooo,I need to learn from you heeee

    Ohhhh those ruffles on your tank is really gorgeous. The pants fit so perfectly too.
    Lovely accessories! And you bought 2 new things from Alexander Wang ?? Ahhhhh,so envious now:) I really love the Cat eye shape <3333

  2. Francheska says:

    really badly want a pair of those sunnies! they are amazing!!!!

    And I just love your pants! are they the same as what your sister wore in her last outfit posts? anyways looks similar but still so amazing on both of you! 🙂 Im actually quite jealous of the cold !! I want rain and snow and cold !!arghhh! 🙂 x

  3. leeselooks says:

    natalie my girl.
    so much gorgeousness i can’t handle it!

    in – love with the chloe-esqe top ! ! ! phoebe is such an inspiration to me.

    oh dear- i know all too well what cold is like- we have snow up to my head here!

    how fun would it be to go vintage shopping together? ah come to nyc next year ? 😉

    have a beautiful week


  4. Juliet says:

    like always I think that your outfit it’s really fantastic!
    I love your blazer and I like the colours combination: black &nude! always perfect!

    well, have a good week!

  5. Panda says:

    I LOVE the new selection – its so gorgeous. I am wishing for a a pair of his booties to magically appear, which is not going to happen, being 13 and broke =D I love your outfit below, btw, so cool!

    Panda x


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